If you are interested in volunteering with LiveSent Ministries, we would love to have you.  Here’s what to expect in learning tool safety:

The introductory training class is available to anyone that wants to increase their knowledge of how to safely use chainsaws around their home.


  • Tour of equipment used by LiveSent Ministries
  • Basic tree cutting safety
  • Hands-on demonstration of light chain saws and pole saws
  • Basic chain saw maintenance
  • “PPE” personal protective equipment
  • Introduction of larger chain saws
  • Detailed introduction of working around wood chipper
  • Safety working around and under bucket truck
  • Basic training of rope use, pulleys, and material lowering
  • Hands on cutting techniques, bar pinch and wedge training
  • “PPE” personal protective equipment
  • Tree notching
  • Tree falling techniques
  • Limb and trunk lowering techniques
  • Tree bind and hung tree difficulties (“widow makers”)
  • Wood chipper operator/feeding training
  • “PPE” personal protective equipment
  • Light chainsaw and pole saw operators
  • Heavy chainsaw operators
  • Material transporters
  • Wood chipper operators
  • Wood chipper feeders
  • Bucket truck operator
  • Truck drivers
  • Blower operator, final debris cleanup
  • Vehicle and trailer cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning, refueling, servicing, and sharpening
  • Assessment
  • Training Coordinator
  • Spotter and safety
  • Historian
  • Counselor

If you’re interested in being a volunteer sign-up for the training class:

Download the Volunteer Form below. Fill out form and email it to livesentmin@gmail.com and a member of our team will be in contact with you.

LiveSent Ministries volunteers are Christian men who either work weekly jobs or are retired.  The majority of our jobs are completed on the weekend.  All volunteers are trained and work within their abilities.  Most of these volunteers are also trained members of the North Carolina Baptist Men. 

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